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Submission Guideliness

Health Thesis Hub only publishes material submitted electronically by registered users. Users may submit Thesis & Dissertations for publications under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Thesis Hub only publishes academic material relevant to health (biomedical & health services) and health related topics(social determinants of health, health economics).
  2. You warrant that the academic material you submit is your own original work and that you own the copy right and any other relevant rights.
  3. You warrant that the material you submit is accurate, clear and makes a logically consistent scientific argument.
  4. Publications must include information on the sources of financial and in kind support for the research and must reveal actual or potential conflicts of interest.
  5. The academic materials should have appropriate

General Guidelines for Authors.

Thesis Hub strongly recommends that authors should adhere to the ICMJE recommendations for preparation and publication of academic materials.


To submit your document click on “ New Submission” to register an account and submit the material. (develop a form- Author, email, institution, name & emails of supervisor and other authors. Then attach abstract and full text.)


All materials undergo screening to determine suitability for the Thesis Hub by editors. In addition all materials are evaluated for plagiarism and originality.(turnitin).

Article Structure

Title page

Provide a title of the study.

Numbered Sections

Divide your material into clearly defined and numbered sections/ subsections. Each heading should appear on its own separate line.


May be up to 300 words and with no references.


Provide background for the study.


Should be clear and logically consistent. Provide details about why and how the study was done. See ICMJE for further details.


Provide findings from the work being reported.


Discuss the important findings of the study and the conclusions in the context of the current available research evidence. See ICMJE for more details.


Either Vancouver or APA format. See ICMJE for further instructions.

Tables & Illustrations

They should be numbered consecutively and provide a self explanatory title.

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